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Thread: Windows File-Explorer Working Slowly

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    Hi to all! I've had several problems with my Windows Explorer. The opening or saving a file through several software is not working fast or sometimes not at all. Also the opening of big files (over 200mb) especially .exe files from the explorer freezes the whole explorer. For example: I want to download a file in Firefox from a web page. I click on the file ( coolfile.txt ) with my right mouse button and select "Save as..." then I choose the saving location, which takes a long time just to wonder around in my directories. I've found the place where to save the coolfile.txt. I click on "Save". After releasing the mouse button whole Firefox freezes. I am in a big need of help! If you know something about this please tell me! Windows XP Home: SP2 Firefox

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    It sounds to me like it may be time to reinstall your operating system but honestly, unless someone actually has access to your machine and can see what it is doing and what is running, you probably won't get much help online.

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    Firefox keeps a list of every file you download. If you haven't cleaned it up, it can become QUITE large and slow down the download startup. Go to your tools menu in firefox and click downloads, then click the "clean up" button. It will not delete the files you have downloaded, just clear the list. That should speed it up a bit.

    If that doesn't help you can try defragmenting your hard drive.
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