Has anyone ever had a 35 group in Lfay hunting the wood-elfs, and the dark-elfs? You can find them by going to the merchant on your map. The Wood-elfs are gaurding the houses, and if you head south-east, just outside the merchants houses, there is a DE camp. Both camps will aggro if you pull just one. Pull all the wood-elfs first. They're pretty easy. After your party finishes them off, and you have taken a faction hit, Pull the DE Camp. They're a bit harder, But, with at least 3 balanced classes playing smart, it should be easy. Once you have killed them all, the Faction balances back out, so there is no faction hit. You have to keep tabs on who you hit first, so you know who to kill last. Like i said, I usually start with the wood-elfs, because its just easier.