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Thread: please help I'm having trouble

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    Default please help I'm having trouble

    Ok, yestaerday I was doing maps i have them in the crograms/sony/everquest/maps but I don't what I need to get vista to read them

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    Default This May help

    Hi shaina i have had the same problem for a few days now, and i also have vista and extracted the maps myself into C:\programfiles\sony\Everquest\maps , but that didn't work for me either, Even though all of my eq files were in this folder. Anyway im not sure if this is your problem but i noticed i run everquest out of C:\Users\(your username)\Everquest.exe - so the way i fixed that was i extracted maps into C:\Users\(your username)\maps , im not sure if this will fix your problem but its worth a shot, maybe vista is wierd i dunno it fixed mine though i hope this helps you, let me know if it fixed your problem, thanks

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