artofnoise wrote:

JChan, would you please give more specifics about what this proposed update does? Not looking for secret stuff, just HOW it modifies the game client/engine as we currently know it. Is this more "streaming" of textures from the HD?

Possibly related to this, my system has become less usable as a "puller" client even with Most Memory usage as I constantly stall/stutter when turning as objects/textures are swapped in pretty much any zone even with clip plane way down. (Apologies if this is unrelated.)

Thank you.
In slightly more detail, this code greater utilizes and improves on the texture loading code to cull down globally loaded assets to an on demand model. Previously, we had two modes of loading assets, global and zone based. Now we have global, on demand, and zone based. In doing this we also commonized loading and unloading assets as well as adding pre-zoning on demand flushing of assets.

As for the stalling / stuttering it sounds like your hitting the memory thresholds for most memory mode. If you're feeling adventurous, you can play with the settings for the modes. The instructions are in your client directory under the Resources\Memory.ini file which is causing textures to get unloaded. These changes currently on test may help out on the stuttering by simply reducing the size of your private bytes and thus reducing the unloading of textures.