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Thread: Gray Hard to see

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    Default Gray Hard to see

    I downloaded the ALL MAPS package last week and, I have a hard time seeing the outlines of things becouse there a Light gray. is there anyway we could get these in a Dark Gray insted so its easyer to locate things?.

    Thanks in advance

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    Map colors are selected by the map creators, not the us at
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    programs like mappie allow players to mass change colors on the maps .. you could also try changing the opacity of your map UI window in everquest.

    right click on the map window in everquet when you have a map up then go to alpha>normal level

    set that to 35

    now right click the map again and go to alpha>faded level
    and set that to 0

    now, when you have your mouse on top of the map it will best mostly See through. when the mouse is pulled off the map it will fade to fully see through (the background) , making the lines easier to see. certain times lines may be hard to see when the background is 0, which is why i keep the "normal level" at 35, so i can put my mouse on top of the map if i cant see the lines because the background is see through.

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