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Thread: All maps pack misisng MANY maps

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    Default All maps pack misisng MANY maps

    K downloaded the all maps. and currently this is what i know.

    Chadok and surrounding areas are missing.
    Mseru and surrounding areas are missing.

    These are th eonly maps I know of but havent been to any of the other zones to check. redownlaoded them to make sure my zip was valid and got the same thing.

    Also. all th emaps are missing things they once had IE labels to places

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    I can vouch for Toboe that Marus Seru is indeed missing. Map comes up blank.

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    Question Missing maps

    Veksar is also among the missing. all i get is the grid

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    Yep.. M Seru map missing from an "all maps" download I just did.

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    A mile high..


    Check it now.

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    Default Map of Blightfire not as detailed

    My husband downloaded all the maps and I am finding that my maps are not as detailed as they once were. For example: my old map of Blightfire had the lines for the trails and indications of where everything was; ie where the Mucktail mines 1, 2 & 3 were etc. Now I have minimal info and I am finding this is the case for other zones. Do I need to download the maps again and if so, how do I do that. My husband was the one who did it the last time. I am not as computer savvy as he is and don't want to do anything to mess things up.


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