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Thread: Map links aren't links

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    Default Map links aren't links

    Can't click the "links" on the left side for the maps. Suckie.

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    I to, seem to not be able to down load the maps off the left side as well. Am I doing any thing wrong here and if so please tell me hop to correct it

    thanks in advance

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    What browser are you using? The new IE causes a lot of issues.

    Try this link

    Or this one

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    Just an observation, the links on this site do not work with IE7. I have the latest release candidate installed and none the links highlight on mouseover, almost like they are being read as if they were plain text

    However the links do work with IE 6 and Firefox.

    I'm guessing this is a site issue, IE7 works with every other site I visit. Needs to be fixed tho.


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