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Thread: Problem downloading maps.

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    Default Problem downloading maps.

    I have in the last few years been only able to download maps on one of 4 computers. All are Win Xp and each is done the same way. Do i need to load them one at a time now?

    I know of 100's of people with this same problem. It tends to drive us a little nuts.

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    I am also having problems getting my maps to load, out of every time that I have downloaded packs to my computer, I have loaded them the way that is suggested and also have had in game help trying to fix this issue. Also I just tried it once more to see if I could get the newest maps also and deleted all my old files, now the points I saved before are gone and I will have to run through all these zones and replot my points of interest. Not sure why your maps do not work on my computer for some reason. I have even tried the seperate map packs loading them one at time into my data and same effect. Any guidance would be appreciated.

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    Cool Same oi,same ol

    I am having exact same problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please help us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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