Fanra wrote:

Two questions if you wouldn't mind answering them, please.

1.) After SOE Live, will Death, Death, and More Death be sent to the live servers, much like Giants, Giants, Giants! and Dragons, Dragons, Dragons! are at (unannounced) times?

2.) Is there any kind of Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) regarding the Test Server and/or Death, Death, and More Death? I would like to post Death, Death, and More Death on my wiki, assuming I actually find out some information about it. I don't plan to do so until after SOE Live, however, and it also would only be done if it will eventually go live (as I don't see any point in doing so if it is never going to the live servers).

Thank you.
1. Maybe. There's not reason it can't, but there wouldn't be any reward for it either.

2. Nope. It's Test server, not Beta.