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Head to the Arena on Test and try it out. Practice for Fan Faire. Let me know if you see anything broken. The latest updates should appear some time soon (tm). So if you can try it out over the weekend, I'd love feedback.

One small update/note on this. /testcopy is still disabled per JChan's test patch notes, so if anyone's trying that to go test this, please be aware, for this weekend at least you're stuck with the character you already had on the test server ... or you're not able to test this weekend at all.
It seems that they don't even communicate with each other at SOE, lol. I know it's a large company but you'd think that the people that work on EQ itself would keep each other informed of important changes such as this, even if they are "temporary"
Considering that this is a monster mission, you don't need to have a copied character to play it. So I'm not at all sure what it is that you are complaining about.

It's a monster mission because it is designed for use as a contest at Fan Faire. If you are not interested in winning the contest, or are not going to Fan Faire, or don't like monster missionsm, then feel free to ignore it and this thread.

If you are interested, please try it out and post useful comments and suggestoins.