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Thread: Veil Of Alaris

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    Default Veil Of Alaris

    The Veil of Alaris Everquest Expansion has been added to the map database.

    If you run in to any issues while uploading any of the new maps, or any maps, please let me know.

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    Default can't get maps to work.

    Hi I am having trouble. tried unzipping them in everquest map folder. no luck. Can you help me?

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    when I try to download map packs I get message there is no such file

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    Default Map Pack download not working

    Hello, After downloading the map pack I attempted to extract the maps and it says:

    The archive is either in unknown format or damaged. I tried with 7Zip and WinRAR.

    Probably something I am doing wrong but I don't know what else to try.

    Thank you for your time in this matter,

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