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Thread: MPG: Fear Trial Map

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    Default MPG: Fear Trial Map

    Did my MPG Fear Trial with no map. I'm up to date as of 09/01/2006. Looks like the map is missing?

    It's a simple zone, but would like it for in-game maps as well as showeq.

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    Default Bug(?) in zip file creation?

    Looking here:

    I see chambers[a-f], but they aren't in the zip file.

    $ unzip -t /tmp/ | grep chamber
    testing: chambersa_1.txt OK
    testing: chambersa_2.txt OK
    testing: chambersc_1.txt OK
    testing: chambersc_2.txt OK

    Only a and c?


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    Default Aware of the Issue

    Thanks for bringing this up we are aware of the issue, should be fixed shortly.

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