We have just over 20,000 items in the DB that have an appearance that isn't the default small bag. We'd need a custom tradeskill recipe and a custom transformation mold for each of these items in order to ensure that they match the originals in type, appearance, and icon, and we'd have to add that process to the creation of every new item we add to the game. It really isn't feasable or maintainable to do that.

No one needs to convince us that people want epic ornamentations. We know, and we're not against the idea. We just need some time to make them and make a way to get them.

By the way, telling us the complete name of an item that uses the look you like helps us a lot more than a picture.

I keep a list of the appearances people like when I read posts like that, and I'm pretty sure Ngreth does, too. We asked for more new item looks than we've had in any expansion since PoP. We've started asking for a "raid" and "non-raid" version of weapons as well, which isn't much more work for the artists but gives us a lot more flexibility when making group and raid weapons. Feedback from Underfoot so far says we need to offer more variety and make sure that we don't sacrifice looking cool for lore (the chitin weapons make sense for where they come from, but they're not very shiny), so we're incorporating that into art requests we make in the future.