Fairydust wrote:

Elidroth wrote:

This is an issue we're going to be looking at again in the very near future (like probably starting next week)
Which issue specifically? Spawn rates? Named clustered or spread out way too far from each other? The resapwn rate in Husk? This stuck god knows where PH that got trained?

All of those actually. The spawn rate, when coupled with the spread of the placeholders is making for a very difficult time meeting expected spawn times. The respawn rate was adjusted already, though I don't know if that went live or not. Non-agro pathing (the thing causing npc's to get stuck after being trained away somewhere) has been fixed, though that'll have to wait until we patch to go live.

One thing I'll likely add though is if an NPC has been stuck away from it's home point for longer than X seconds, and is not agro on anything, it'll warp home.