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dont hold your breath waiting on to find out about tthe " report ". rember were still waiting on her to tell us about useing mercs to afk exp .
What? They've already said that's against the rules. This pretty firmly confirms my suspicion that you never actually read anything on these boards, and just like to post the same stuff in every thread.
The last thing stated, and I think it was linked pages ago, was that it was "in discussions". We know that AFK exp with pets was not allowed. From there everyone is guessing that merc afk exp is wrong too, but you never can tell with the flexible rules.

Edit: Once again, it is easier to do something until specifically told not to in the game. To be honest, even a dev posting here on the forums does not make it a rule. The Rules of Conduct and EULA don't state that I need to be well versed on all of the forum posting to stay up on the decisions on the rules. They need to tell me in game or make an "official" (ie non-forum) announcement.

I posted the link a few pages ago so go back an look if you want it. The last thing a dev said before locking the huge thread on merc exping is something like.

We have not made a decision on whether or not to allow this yet, we will let you (the community) know when we do.

The last thing i heard from a gm when i thought it wasnt allowed and petitioned someone was " as of now this is not against the rules."
The mercenary experience gaining issue is something that is borderline and depends on whether or not it causes a disruption.