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I want another water zone. We haven't had any really since plane of water... I mean cmon The buried sea? and no water zones?
Currently our water physics are not very good, so playing in them is not as fun as some think, especially for casters. Fixing the "physics" of the game is not a small project, so for now we don't do water zones.

There were not full water zones, but there were some underwater play spaces in The Buried Sea. Improvements to water "physics" were made, but it is still problematical.

Much of current zone design is based on our engine limitations. For example, we try to avoid "stacked" things, and if we do do them, we make the gaps between levels larger than engineering would require, because our NPC's do not handle the Z axis very well, and tend to aggro through floors/ceilings. After the mess of the mansion elevators, we now try and avoid elevators, because again, NPC's handle them very poorly. So we have some limitations, and thus things we avoid.
thanks for the response ngreth. has the mechanic changed for water zones since Plane of Water?
I believe so. That was pre TBS, so it should be different.