Mnesis wrote:

I'd just as soon make the guild hall a bit more customizable.

Here's an idea: Make a series of trophy items for the guild hall based on key raid targets and tasks/missions. If your guild or anyone in it completes a key task/mission or kills a key raid target, the guildhall gets that trophy. For instance, make a trophy for Khati Sha, one for Emperor Ssra, and one for AHR. If you wanted to be more whimsical, include trophies for Greig, Seru, THO perhaps, heck even for killing a main boss in Hollowshade to reset the Hollowshade War.

Make trophies for key points in each expansion... they don't all have to be big and fancy... and move on to something besides "player housing".
The code to allow placement of raid trophies, etc. is essentially the same code at it's core for doing player housing. There's somewhat different access rights involved depending on guild or player house, but all the persistence and placement code is the same. So if we did one, we'd likely do the other, though not necessarily released at the same time.