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Ngerth also said he didn't want to raise the caps until each of the trades had a viable skill up path to the new cap. That was a while ago though so he may have already fixed that some what.

One other thing that he wants to address is the mastery AAs. Those make things come into the world much faster so he has to make the very high trivials in order to compensate for them.

So lots of things to do before he will raise the caps.
Yup. Tradeskill cap is a mess right now

I think Fletching is about the only one left that will really need work. Baking, Brewing and Pottery can go along for the ride, and will need new recipes, but I do not foresee an issue with them when we get to that point.

I am not being particularly nice with the Shawl 2.0 quest. The first one is a "you must be this tall and this patient" to ride... and then I slack off, and let it be easier. The first one *is* intended to weed out the folks without the patience to do it, and hopefully make the resultant final item rarer as I weed out the folks without the fortitude to get going.

I have completed 3 of the 7 real quests (8 is going to be 2 elements, maybe a few more though I don't see it, with no actual tradeskills involved)

Please please please be as miserable as you can. Be horrible in this quest and make people cry and scream and kick the wall over it. I'm someone from the old days, the days when EQ was HARD and camps for days were not completely unheard of. I want to see nose to the grindstone work and camps that can take hours of slaughtering creatures to get a single quest piece for this new "Shawl". I'm a purist I suppose. I like the concept of a quest being so hard you spend months completing it using most of your free time in game to get it done. But then again I loved BiC, where as most people hated it, but did it only because of the greatness of that aug at its prime.

What can I say, I liked the BiC reward because it was an honor badge, and it showed just how great of a player you were. I'd love to see something that the raiding elite can't get just because they're raiding elite. If they want it they have to earn it. Just my thoughts though.
From what I understand of this quest (most of us just have bits and pieces of information and I may be totally wrong), the new Shawl quest will have two rewards (call them Coldain Shawl 1.5 and Coldain Shawl 2.0). The 1.5 will be better than any shoulder item that drops in Underfoot group content and the 2.0 will be better than any shoulder item that drops in Underfoot raid content. In order to get the 2.0 you will have to be raiding elite but unless you are tradeskilling elite you won't be able to get it because you won't be able to get the 1.5.

yup. you will not get the "2.0" (step shawl JUST for being a raider. you must ALSO be a die-hard tradeskiller that got the "1.5" (step 7) shawl