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I knew a post like this was gonna happen soon, lets just set up all the zones like FoS where a merc and a PC can roam and wipe out the zone
There is a big difference between saying they are too rare and asking for them to be popping every 10 minutes.

I really don't care, I'm a raider and won't be using the stuff, but its pretty apparent than thespawn rate is too low on named, particularly for groupers who basically need to gear up within the tier before moving on (for many people anyway).

As it is, you will be max aa and only be wearing 5-6 pieces of gear from tier 6/7.
Seems fine to me.

We have probably killed around 100+ named in our finishing of all the missions in the expansion. On a server up there are probably 20-30 nameds up just in T8 zones and a few in the T9 zone. Because everything seems to be a ph there is a high percentage there will be nameds on server ups.

Beyond that we created several named spawns in temple. I think temple over produces them in fact.

actually the temple has less named than other zones, BUT it is also a small zone... with few NPCs... so the proportion is higher. Most zones have 15 rares, the temple only 10, I think the husk also only has 10 but I am not as sure about that. One zone out there only has 14... I forget which one

the general average expected spawn time if placeholders are continually cleared is around 72 minutes... this is an average, and a goal. We cannot use decimals in our spawn definitions, so that number is not usually exactly 72 minutes if you were to do long range statistical calculations. That number of course also depends on the placeholders being killed. Usually there is more than one placeholder... only killing one of the placeholders will lower your chance to get them to spawn.

I only worked directly on the Fungal Forest Rares, and then only to set up their spawns and suggest abilities for them. Absor implemented the actual rare abilities on them. In that zone at least all rares have multiple placeholders. With the way we are doing the visible armor this expansion we tried to get most rares to have multiple placeholders so players could not as easily just camp one spot for them. Usually the placeholders are grouped reasonably near each other, but it is definitely NOT always the case.

the suggestion for "increasing the chance as things are killed" is definitely a code change and not something we can reasonably do with the current designer tools.