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Everquest Trivia #439 - posted by phaenna, winner of EverQuest Trivia #438

Achievement Privacy - Discussion started by Community Member bbanz

Is there a way to hide a character's achievments?

Lost my cds - Discussion started by Community Member Preyings_TZ

I lost my cds and would like to play again... is there an official place I can download the whole game from? I looked in my account settings etc and couldn't find anything there.

Returning veteran... any rundown of what's happened? - Discussion started by Community Member Snibs

So, I'm returning after 3 years of not playing. I quit just before the expansion where energy sources or something like that were introduced. I'm picking my 75 Gnome SK back up where I left him, I love playing him so much and honestly kind of missed him. Played WoW and Aion, and just couldn't find a character that was quite as much fun. He's got his Epic 2.0, and I was starting to progress through the Depths of Darkhollow raid progression when I quit.

So, I hate to be a burden but... can anybody give me a rundown? What did I miss, what should I know, etc? How do those power source things I mentioned work? Any advice on where to go to help myself get up to speed on gear, levels, etc? I know I've got 10 levels to make up (seems like a lot... I remember how slowly levels used to go).