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    I just started to have a problem with my in game maps.

    I was told to delete all my map files, which i did. Register to mapfiend, which i did. Load all maps, which i did. The new revamp zones like east freeport and west freeport, southro and northro, i am getting 2 different sets of files.
    1st set is
    2nd set is
    Do i need both sets of files for the new maps to show up. When i leave PoK, and zone into west freeport, the map will show up. I then click onto atlas, and then the old map shows up.
    I have deleted all map files, reinstall map files several times. And still the same problem keeps occurring. Everytime i click onto the atlas in game, it always shows the old maps. I don;t know if having the 2 different sets of files is doing something to mess things up, or not.
    It's been fine until yesterday. I have all 11 expansions. It worked fine after i install PoR. I don't know if it's a SOE problem or is it a map file problem.


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    SOE changed the name of the file. No, you do not need the old ones any longer.

    SOE apparently did not change the links in their atlas to point to the new zone name. They still load the old ones.

    Not something we can fix.. but it is something you can work around by copying your new maps over the old ones. You'll have 2 sets, with 2 different name, that will look just a like.

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