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When is the last day you can complete the quests? I just need to know when my McKenzie's Special Brew become useless/when Old Man McKenzie is going to be pulled from the game. Would like to make sure I spend them before this happens.
Tonight is the last night. You have until 11:59pm Pacific time (November 30th) to complete them for the early access. Afterwards, the only one that should be gone away are those tied to the Breaking of the Seal event.

The Giants Giants Giants and Ancient Heroes events should remain. I'll confirm it though.

The Underfoot Early Access Qualification will end 11:59 PM on Tuesday, December 1st, 2009. This means that you have to complete all three Road to Underfoot events AND pre-order and purchase the expansion by then to gain early access on December 8th.

I understand that to read you CAN pre-order tonight as the final night. Only there is no link for it when you try and get it from knowledge base website or the server select screen and the window that it brings up... Proof reading FTW ??

Try directly from the Road to Underfoot website. There's Pre-Order link there. When you get signed it, it may require to to click the Pre-Order link on the site again inside of from the account tool (stay logged in to it though)
I just tried it that way and it worked.