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EverQuest Trivia # 436 - posted by Emarinn, winner of EverQuest Trivia #433

Original Loading Screen Question - Discussion started by Community Member Faelien2

This is a random question but....on the original loading screen, and I think in the next few expansion loading screens as well, there is a picture in the top left corner. Light brown castle, green grass, blue sky behind it.

What/where is that place in game?

Ethereal/Spectral Parchments - Discussion started by Community Member Rotsapvl


Is there some trick to handing these in? I keep getting the same spells over and over.


Serverwide Roleplay Channel - Discussion started by Community Member Reridore

So...does anyone use this channel anymore? I've popped in before, just to see, and have always been the only person. The command is /join serverwide.roleplay:roleplay, just, uh, so you all know.

It'd be cool to see some people around there