I have come up with a quandary. So I ask you to vote on these 3 choices.

At this time it will ONLY be these 3 choices. I will not be entertaining other ideas.

Every class is getting a new click for Underfoot except currently wizards, because the original idea got shot down as worthless, and other ideas we came up with got shot down because they were not worth having over the SoD click because... we will *NOT* continue the mistake and make another overpowered click. It will be balanced to mach the power of the clicks everyone else is getting.


#1 - Put the same focus as you have in SoD. Keeping the overpowered click, but not getting anything new.

#2 - Put a spell that will add 1/4 of the target damage for the tier (that all classes get) on the next 4 spells that are NOT instant or Ethereal spells. (yes that is not negotiable)

#3 - Put a spell that will give instant mana if 1/8th the damage, no penalty. (no stun, doom, etc... just get the mana when you click. there will be a cast time, probably just 1 second.) (seeing the most inefficient wizard spell with defiant gear and a reasonable amount of AA's is 1 to 8.4 that is probably a better ratio than should be given)

the targets are to have 4 tiers of the click 10k, 15k, 20k, 25k