Zephur-ECI wrote:

Maybe nothing but the Knowledge Base search for "underfoot" gives:

[EQ] Early Access to the EverQuest® Underfoot™ Expansion

and in there it states you need the 3 "In-Game Item: The Road to Underfoot " steps

AND "In-Game Item: Early Access Tracking"

I have the 3 steps but not the "Early Access Tracking" in-game item listed on the page.

Is that incorrect and just should say "Underfoot Preorder" at the bottom or am I missing something on my account to make it say "Early Access Tracking"?

The "In-Game Item: Early Access Tracking" appears when you Pre-Order Underfoot before December 1, 2009 - so no later than November 30, 2009 (11:59pm PST)