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Everquest Trivia #429 - posted by Warpiggs-MM, winner of EverQuest Trivia #424

How hard would it be to jump into the game at the present? - Discussion started by Community Member Kier45

I have not played EQ since kunark came out. But I am very interested in trying it out again, as more and more I've been finding myself thinking about how much fun it was back then. But I'm worried that the game will be way too over whelming and i will no no idea what is going on.

Or that things will be a ghost town and there will not be anyone around to group with and just generally enjoy the game with. Basically I'm wondering will people be tolerant of me just learning the game. Will there be people willing to show me the ropes? And generally will there be much population to speak of at all?

Harvesting Nodes - Discussion started by Community Member Kilmor_Dyles

Would they be hard to put into EQ? Would they make sense for EQ? Would they add to imersion?

Ok, I need to know about mastery of the past - Discussion started by Community Member Timbur

Forgive me if this has been addressed already, I can't wade through the mass of posts on this.

I'm 85. Is it worth getting mastery of the past at this point, since it only goes to 80? I don't use any spells below 81 except snare. Will it reduce fizzling on higher level spells, like my husband claims? If so, I'll gladly spend the aa's to finish it ( have 7 levels so far).

Please don't ask why I didn't get it earlier.