Meet the Community: Thren

Meet Thren Fingolfin

Server: Cazic Thule

Guild: Spiteclub

How long have you played EQ?
Almost 8 years

Where in the real life world do you live?
Greenville, South Carolina

How long have you played EQ?
Since 2006

What other MMOs have you played?
Dabbled in WoW, LoTR Online, and Soldier of Fortune

What type of work do you do?

How long is your typical gaming session when playing EQ?
4 to 12 hours

What does a typical EQ day consist of for you?
Helping guildies on whatever they need, camping augs I need yet, and trying as always to gather plat, lol

What was the race and class of your very first character?
High elf

What got you into gaming and what sort of games do you like the most?
I was a big Reader when I was growing up , got hooked on Tolkien's world of hobbits, when I stumbled across EQ 10th anniversary pack in a store I had to give it a try, been hooked ever since.

What other hobbies or activities do you take part in, other then playing EverQuest?
NASCAR, fishing, and spending time with my kids.

What is your highest level in EQ?

What race and class is your main character?
High elf paladin

What do you like the most about the class you have chosen for your main character?
I like to be out front, smacking and getting smacked by the mob, plus the ability the paladin has to smite undead is always fun too.

Does your main character worship a deity?

How did you choose your main character's name?
Well, again, from Tolkein, I wanted to use Thorin, one of the main characters in the Hobbit, but couldn't get that name, so I removed the o and i , added an e and got Thren.

Which classes in EQ have you NOT played?
I have never played any caster type.

What is your favorite expansion?
I think it would be OoW, as that was the big deal when I was first starting out, have a lot of fond memories from times in WoS, and MPG and RSS.

What is your favorite zone?
My favorite zone ever is , well was Veksar, it was made for paladins. But I've long since outgrown the zone, but still return from time for old time's sake.

What is your favorite NPC?
Never really gave an NPC any thought, to be honest. Maybe Mirao Frostpouch, lol - spent a fortune there on cloudy pots over the years.

Which expansion do you like the least?
TSS the addition of Drakkins and an all inclusive level platform wasn't enough for the seasoned player to do in that expansion.

Which zone do you like the least?
I absolutely HATE going to FoS in the current expansion SoD, too many people willing to cut your throat for a named pop.

Which NPC do you like the least?
Again, never gave it much thought, an NPC to me is just a vendor or a task giver or a banker.

What is the most platinum you have ever spent on purchasing a single item for one of your characters?
Ihave recently spent lots on several items from MMM, at nearly 100k per item to change a core to my class, buy a template, embed them, its getting harder to farm the platinum as fast as I'm using it.

Do you have an item you no longer use but keep around for nostalgic reasons? If so what is it and why do you keep it?
Yes, my Epic 2.0 and I think every one keeps their epics. It was a lot of work to get them, even if they are mostly obsolete now. Would really enjoy seeing new Epics someday soon, hintů hintů EQ.

What do you like best about EverQuest?
I like the feeling you get of accomplishment once u have finished a series of tasks, or got a drop you have camped for days on end, as well as the companionship you get from friends in game.

What do you get out of playing EverQuest?
EQ is to me a release of stress from everyday real life stuff, a way to unwind and have fun with people who are as much your friends in game as those who are your friends in real life.

Describe your best experience from playing EverQuest?
My best experience in EQ to date would have to be finally completing my 2.0, I was in general chat linking it to everyone who even seemed remotely interested, and I got a couple years use out of it before newer weapons kinda nerfed it for good.

Do you run or work for an EverQuest Fan Site?
No I don't, but could if asked, lol.
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