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Thread: Problems putting in maps

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    Default Problems putting in maps

    Hi. I'm having problems even locating the file maps to put the maps into. I didn't use the CD & patch, I loaded EQ from the website using their Station Launcher. I'm not a noobe, been playing eq since 2000 & love the mapfiend maps, but i can't load them onto my new computer. Do i need to use my CD to load the game correctly, be patient & let it load for the 7 hours, or is there some way to do it quickly? Also, a search for "everquest" in all files & folders turns up just a few results. But, the game loads with the station launch button & stays on the hard drive after removing the station launch pad. The game also plays fine, but i don't have my maps, LOL. Thanks

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    You prob have downloaded EQ into the C drive.
    Try open the C drive-Programs-Sony-EQ-Maps
    Thats how i do it.
    Dunno if it help much.

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    If you have a shortcut you click to run EQ, right click on the shortcut and select properties. It should have the path to your eq folder there.

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