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I presume this is something for the big raiding guilds? Is there anything smaller guilds can do, or even individual players? I know the majority of guilds (the majority of the player-base) are still raiding content from 3-4 expansions back, is the new epansion going to have anything for them to do?
Possibly. Go ahead and sign up and we'll see if there's a need for the extra help. In addition to the raid testing, we run other testing sessions as well and it helps if groups and smaller raid forces have worked with each other before.
Gee Zatozia, I didn't realize that if my guild isn't in the Tower, we were the "extra help". That really stuck in my craw.
Hey there. I only meant that smaller guilds were welcome to sign up as well. Our main raid testing will be on bigger encounters but other testing will be taking place as well so we will be inviting more than just the higher end guilds where possible.