Narssiscus wrote:

These settings have worked for me exceptionally well for quite some time now, and with the latest patch(es), I'm starting to get heavy lag spurts and outright ghosting backwards when moving. Occasionally, I'll get the same graphic effects that others are seeing where you see multi-colored hues, but that isn't the norm since the last patch with the fix. The lag spouts and ghosting though is more frustrating then the west bug ever was. I've gone through every aspect of my PC and network to ensure that the source of my issues is not some errant piece of hardware or software, and everything shows up working fine....except EQ.

I've tried running on every single one of these modes, and not a single one has rectified the issue. My other PCs running with different hardware all appear to be fine, and those are also running Windows XP, but are utilizing vastly different hardware.

Even with the other PCs, this is the one I choose to run off primarily, and with this issue being in place, it basically makes the game unplayable. Just running across a zone is a health hazard since at anytime the lag can hit and a simple divot will cause me to take a 20k falling death.
I realize you probably didn't read the rest of this thread. But did you make sure your NPC journal is turned off? All the lag related issues were being caused by this so far.