We will be looking into this. It will NOT be in the urgent patch coming this week.

What we WILL be doing is making all spells with an invulnerability effect count down in all zones (I.E. it will not stop counting down in the guild hall or guild lobby, etc.) This is to fix an exploit, which of course we will not be giving details about.

As for the Short Duration Buff. We understand that this is an issue for Zek. We do consider this a spell that SHOULD be in the short duration buff window, because... it is a short duration buff. That said. we will CONSIDER returning those, to the long buff window in order to increase its usefulness on Zek. Note: We would just return the recently changed ones, not any that started in the short duration window... *IF* we decide to return them.

It is possible our decision will be to move them all to the short duration window for consistency, but we will have a conversation about it before we make a decision either way. This post is not the final word on the short duration buff nature of these spells.

It if final on the buff countdown. They WILL be set to countdown in all zones, for the next full patch after the upcoming urgent patch.