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    I have just downloaded all the maps for everquest. They are now all in there but I have noticed on every map there are line across it and a red line going up and a red line in the middle. I have also downloaded Mappie to edit maps and when I hit show gridlines in the view area it shows exactly what my map looks like with the red lines in the exact same spots. All the maps show this for me. Is it supposed to show this or did I download it wrong?

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    Mine does this too, and there are complaints about this in the EQ maps forum. Sounds like something is bugged.

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    it is the grid lines.
    Delete *_3.txt from your map directory and the issue will be resolved. they have been removed from the allmaps download also.
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    its realy simple goto
    and download latest version; will let you set any of the line colors to what ever color you like the most.

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