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Tryst wrote:

Plat sinks are one thing but to allow players to waste plat due to lack of proper info is annoying to say the least.
Lolz, subtle trolling always evokes the best response

Sarcasm aside: I'd guess it was an oversight in the quest notes, but I just wonder why SOE decided to have different kits for different calsses, surely it would have been easier to have just the one kit from a programming perpective.

  • It is actually the way our code works. to "restrict" a recipe to a class, I have to do it with the container. The container itself has the class restriction on it, not the recipe.
I also wonder why they didn't use the same design as the other TS windows and include the recipes as I'm sure some would like the chance to earn a bit of plat making several copies of the spells for others to buy in the bazaar from recipes rather than one at a time manual combines.

  • Once you learn the recipe you can use the list window to do it from there.
And yes, I was unaware that one class can't make spells for another if that's the case but a couple of lines of code could filter the list you get to your class only in the recipe list. I'm sure doing that is a lot less difficult than having 5 different spell research kits.

  • Code changes are precious (and I doubt it is 5 lines of code...) Data changes are what *I* can do I could restrict the classes with the containers in data without getting any code changes.
One thing puzzles me though. If you have an item that has Haste II for example as part of its properties, are they only drops or can they be crafted? If crafted, how does one add the spell to the item? Is that just the spell scroll added to the recipe as with Enchanted Velium in Smithing?

  • not sure I understand the question
Answered in-line above.