Klonn_Darkbane wrote:

Everybody is using the terms "new targeting system" and "multiple targets".

As I understand it, neither term applies (correct me if I am wrong Skrug).

Targeting will occur the same as always, using every mechansim currently available., so no "new targeting system".

The mechanic is that you can "save" the currernt target to a new window, saving X targets. The new windo shows the that target's HP, just like the currrent target window. However, the obs listed in the new window are not really targets, but tracked "bogeys". You can actually target them by clicking on them in the new window, which makes them the "current target", appearing int he real target window. Thus it is not actually "multiple targets" - there is only one target in the target window.

This is the mechanic proposed years ago at summit and everything I heard at Fan Faire indicates that this is what they are implementing. (the original proposal asked that targets be mouse-dragged onto the target tracking window - not sure if they have the capability to do such direct manipulation).

This should be good for healers on raids,to track multiple heal targets' health - they can easily click a tracked player, then cast heal.

Should also be useful for chanters to track mobs that are mezzed.

Dotters may find it useful to track all of the mobs on which one has dots running.

Tanks could watch healers/casters to detect if they're gettign hit and quickly target for /shield

Just a few of the use cases included in the original proposal.
This is essentially correct.