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davetheslayer2 wrote:

I hate to sound ungrateful, because I and nearly everyone else enjoys having clickies on our gear now. However, the comment made about going overboard was 100% accurate. Please don't put clickies on 90% of gear in the Underfoot expansion. I'd rather they not be super rare, but you definitely went way overboard this time around. Just stick with a middle ground in Underfoot and everyone will be happy.
Impossible Everyone has different ideas of what perfect is when it comes to gear. I am not supporting having clickies on every non-armor item, but just saying!
I agree that there is no *win* for me here. Someone will hate me for it no matter which way I go.

But why is making clickies uncommon actually desirable? It leads right back to people having to keep items in their inventory to keep clicks, which was the point of putting clicks on new items. If you are already OK with keeping items on you for a click then why do I ever need to put clicks on items again except for possible upgrade clicks?