Cylint_Nyte wrote:

Dev-Ngreth wrote:

I agree that there is no *win* for me here. Someone will hate me for it no matter which way I go.

But why is making clickies uncommon actually desirable? It leads right back to people having to keep items in their inventory to keep clicks, which was the point of putting clicks on new items. If you are already OK with keeping items on you for a click then why do I ever need to put clicks on items again except for possible upgrade clicks?
While I may not agree with your click choices for all classes after I've taken the time to soak it all in I actually don't mind so much anymore. Because for the ones that I do feel were right on point they have now allowed me to free up bank and bag space at a time where space truly is at a premium now. Who honestly has the extra space to devote to storing clickies for the duration of their toon or until they get an appreciable upgrade? I do not and most of what is in my bank is no drop so giving it to a mule to hold isn't really an option. That's why I for one do not think they have gone overboard on the clicks. I just hope going forward the clicks are just as plentiful. It gets rid of some of the need to horde and haul around uneccessary things.

Which is why I made the clicks "common" There are still some "rarish" ones like the overhaste that bards hate. Rare is relative of course. They are easier to come by than before, not as easy as say the Form Of lines that were kept.