Skrax_Swifttail wrote:

Tryst wrote:

Well, that was a waste of 10 plat for the kit wasn't it? I wonder how many other things SOE elect not to tell you so you waste your plat like that? Also, I notice there are no recipe lists with the kit. Are you supposed to just guess?

Plat sinks are one thing but to allow players to waste plat due to lack of proper info is annoying to say the least.
Or these quests were originally only for casters, who were the only classes that could do research adn when SOE opened up the quests to all players, they missed updating that one line of text. This would be a perfect time for you to utilize the /bug command and let SOE know that the text for this quest-giver should be updated to reflect the change to the quest or the /feedback command to suggest ways to improve this quest.

And oh, 10 plat? Really? Go kill a snake in the Mesa and sell its pearlescent fang for like 42pp and stop assuming an oversight in a Quest text is a conspiricy to bilk players out of plat.
This is really what happened.

The quest text was not updated when other classes started being able to research. It was not an intentional plan to "screw over" players.