eski wrote:

I'm using every graphical option available, at max, including the optional textures. EQ works for a while, then the display driver will start crashing until finally the dreaded eqresetdevice() failed message. I'm running a decent system and the cpu/gpu temps do not go very high when playing eq. I've stress tested the problem without an issue. I've tried an nvidia 8800gt before and i used to have the same problem, then i got the ati hd 4870 1 gig, and i've tried vista and windows 7. Other games are fine.

I've got the dxdiag out put below, apologies but i can't see an option to hide it if you aren't interested.

I suspect this is a bug in the EQ software, but i can't prove it. What can i do? I'm running on the test server and i know i am supposed to report bugs, but what if i'm not sure whose bug it is?

I assume the issues started when we patched out the memory optimizations? And that it happens both with the 8800 and the 4870?