Mkdir wrote:

Dev-Ngreth wrote:

As for "augs" of the old items.

We have considered augs with the Focus/worn effects.

If you want the clicks you would still have to carry them around. Yes I am sure there is a way to get multiple clicks on an item to work, in a way that does not annoy too many players... but for now we do not have any plans to work on the code to make it possible. Current code does not allow for it.

Not the word "considered" above. No promises
That would work for me. Have a NPC that you can hand in your epic 1.5/2.0 to that gives you back your epic and an augment with the same focus/worn effect that fits in type 3/7/8. If you need to click you still have your epic but then you can get the benefit of the focus without having to equip the item.

I'm sure that necros especially would kill for this since their focus effect is pretty much irreplaceable. One question though: are there any worn/focus effects on any class epic that would cause a problem if both the original epic and the aug were equipped simultaneously?

That is our general thoughts. Maybe not so much a quest as some type of combine (for the safety of your epic. I don;t like the thought of that valuable an item leaving the player... but those are details for later) Don't know yet exactly what slots etc. If we follow on with the idea, that is to be determined.

As for two items with the same effect, I do not believe that any of them stack... so it would just be duplicate and the first "slot" that code finds gets used. It does bear some research, and is part of the reason we do not rush to implement it.