Werferth wrote:

I know I have brought this up before, but, is there anyway to just change our epic weapon into an 'evolving' epic weapon? You know, have like 5 tiers, getting epic 2.0 puts it at tier 1, and then after that you have to do quests for the epic. It could be like 5 quests per tier or less for like 2-4 but then tier 5 is like 8 quests or something like that.

That way, it would be possible for us to use our epics again. And if you can change the code on the weapon to have like 1 or 2 more levels to evolve to, you can keep the epic alive through the rest of the game. They would be pretty useful like that.

Or instead of quests later on, you could make it mini-raids that are needed, from 12-man raids to 24-man raids. I would just like to see my epic upgraded in some way. Especially after the graphics on these new group weapons suck. I would almost rather wear that till I had to fight a mob and bandolier out to the group weapon.

of course it is possible.

It is not our current plan.