Peaky wrote:

The jester transforms you, at it's whim, into a model within the current zone, or into Bristlebane (i.e. a jester clone, with the model tag (Bristlebane)). I'm confident it doesn't access the global file, just the zone specific file (whatever that might be called).

Don't hate the jester! He's given me full/full mana more times than I can shake a stick at!
OK I see how it does it.

It is *possible* *BUT* has limitations.

the jester does not use an actual illusion spell. It uses a script. The limitation of this script is that it will be TOTALLY ignored by the "persistent illusion" AA's Those AA's work on their being a spell. Spells themselves cannot have scripts. Items that cast spells can. (or NPC's I.E. pets... like the jester). So the "caveat" to any such potion would be that persistent illusion will fail to work on it. Any player, the AA or not, will loose the illusion if they die, zone, camp or do anything that makes them "zone" (evac... etc...) or even if for some reason the zone re-pops, the illusion will fall. (I think)

The other side effect that I am not sure I like, is that there is also no duration, and the jester uses a not so nice way to give it one.

Also the process used is a bit expensive, so I would want to put a re-cast time on the item.

Now. Making this item as a charm item will solve some issues, all but the zoning issue. We could not let you keep the illusions anyway, because the new zone may not have the model from the previous zone. The charm could check for the "placeholder" illusion spell being up, and then "re-cast" (run the script again, give another random form for the new zone) So possibilities, but it is a large amount of work, and does not work quite as "expected"