Thulack wrote:

Calixto-Combine wrote:

Garshok wrote:

Calixto-Combine wrote:

I used CoP3 on Big Bynn, therefore it's overpowered, therefore CoP1 is overpowered, QED.
So two clicks in a one hour fight made all the difference. I stand corrected.

[That was damned impressive, btw.]
lol, /sarcasm.

If Circle of Power I is supposedly overpowered, I wonder what the hell this is, then.
your just tryin to get us nerfed even more arent you Calixto
And how many targets can it affect and what is the re-use time. Circle of power can affect as many people as can fit in the circle. That linked spell is also an AA, which should be more powerful than an Item click.