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Hatsee wrote:

But they are going to be standardized and last long enough that you don't need to use them mid event ever so... idk, I can't even complain about that now that it's getting looked at. All is fair I guess.
i'm fine with the 2.0 cast time - well, i can accept it, anyways.

by and large i think the cast times (even the long ones) are fine for most clicks, the one exception to that being FoD, strictly because of the mechanics of tanks having to click things.

as a tank myself, FoD goes in my 1st buff slot. prior to SoD i had an instant click AC click which was just insanely helpful for things like:
hitting max buffs and having beneficial spells get overwritten by new debuffs
getting AC debuffs that wiped out the click
not noticing the timer was low and needing to refresh it in the middle of a big pull

i personally saw low cast timers on FoD to be almost as much of a part of how desirable it was as the click itself... it's part of the reason (aside from *horrible* knight FoD itemization, and bad luck in my guild for drops) i never got an SoF AC clicky.
I will definitely be talking to Aristo about lowering the cast time on clicks in the future. I am not saying all will be faster, I am saying we will look into it. We are just not likely to make any more *instant* clicks that are infinite charges (it may go instant on possible charged items)