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Grrrrf wrote:

Another problem that s been spoted is way too many geomantra click are in, most people in my guild are getting 2 or 3 geomantra click on their gear.

For exemple it seems you picked neck as Overhaste click slot, yet the gurwic neck , from rallos return has geomantra.

Probably an oversight.
Overhaste is fingers first, then neck (at least in this incarnation)

ALSO Overhaste is **ONLY** going in the "upgrade" tiers.

Geomantra is ears/neck

Geomantra was placed "after" overhaste... so if you see Geomantra in a spot, it means something was not already in that slot. It never "replaces" anything... it only goes in an "open" slot.
ok fair enough, thanks

Still is too many geomantra click and no enough OH click (which is very popular), gurwic torque would have been a good candidate for it.
Over-haste will continue to be "restricted" and rarer. It is powerful, and will only be on certain tiers and not ALL tiers.