June 10, 2009

*** Highlights ***

*** Items ***

- Some items from the Seeds of Destruction expansion have had right-click effects added to them. Additionally, the power of some of the clicks on the highest end Secrets of Faydwer items has increased slightly.
- Air, Earth, Fire, Ice and Prismaridescent essences can now be combined with inert cores and core gearing kits in re-gearing kits to make steam or gyro cores. The inert cores are sold by Automated Vending Unit V in Dragonscale Hills. Additionally, the re-gearing kits have been reduced in price.

*** Spells ***

- The Wizardís Mindfreeze spell should properly trigger procs from the Mana Recursion line.

*** Tradeskills ***

- Old buff poisons have had their contact ability moved to the same slot as the current new poisons. This is intended to make them no longer stack.
- Poisons have had a small change to make them slightly harder for NPCs to resist. The PvP resist rate remains the same.
- Rogue only DPS Poisons have had their hate reduced further.

*** Raids ***

- The basepop in the Mansion raid instance is now locked to the raid events. Most NPCs near raid bosses will not re-appear in the zone if that boss doesnít spawn.

*** Miscellaneous ***

- Luminescent and Incandescent Culling Vortexes are now available upon completion of your third theme in Seeds of Destruction (The Void D).
- New titles are now available for players who have done exceptionally well in the group version of the Dragons, Dragons, Dragons event.
- Raised the cap on combat abilities to 200. This fixes an issue that was causing some individuals to be unable to learn new melee abilities from tomes.
- Fixed a problem with the voice chat bar that caused it to re-appear every time you zoned if voice was enabled.
- You can now scribe up to 90 pages worth of spells in your spellbook.
- Made various fixes to pet commands that were allowed or disallowed incorrectly.
- Clicking on your pet's target in the pet info window now targets your pet's target.

*** UI ***

- Fixed a crash related to the welcome screen.
- The friends list on the welcome screen now displays anonymous or roleplaying characters but with an "unknown" zone.
- The welcome screen friends list now uses the longer description of the zone name.

- Changed Files -


- The EverQuest Team