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supergnm wrote:

I have to disagree with this one, at least the right hand. That thing is ugly! Perhaps if it had a texture like the one in the left hand, or something not so.. "muddy"

The left hand is nice though.
I have to disagree with you on this one. Some weapons such as the wurmy are special to p-layers not because of the look, but because of the memories. This at one time was one of the most desired weapons in the game and was atotal status symbol. I would love to see this design as an ornament. I wouldnt argue with a texture upgrade, but the basic shape could stay the same. You may think it is ugly, and compared to recent weapons, it definately isnt as flashy, but it still holds a spot in many player's hearts. So ugly is something i wouldt call it. I would say it has a nice personality.
I am only complaining about the texture, not the shape.