Klonn_Darkbane wrote:

I haven't seen it yet, but the only way I'd tolerate yet more "in your face" LoN and S$$ advertising is if they STOP the in-game GM spam...

Announce your LoN irrelevance in the Welcome Screen so i can ignore it when i come on, instead of spamming me all weekend using the "important announcement capability". I have to read GM announcements, they used to be of critical importance ("Get somewhere safe, server outage"). Now it's mostly nonsense.

Didn't your mother ever tell you the story of the Boy Who Cried Wolf?
One of the goals of the new window is to reduce the random broadcasts for the various things you described. We're planning on keeping all of that messaging here in the welcome screen so you can just see it once when you log in and that's it.

I understand the concerns about it being an ad screen and can definitely appareciate that, but I think the current breakdown in screen real estate is a good mix of useful in game information with a relatively small area set aside for Marketplace and LoN. Most of the LoN messaging will involve the various promo weekends and other in game activities that we think people will be interested in.

We're also aware of the issue with anon players showing up in the friend list and are planning on removing it. It was an oversight on our part.

If you have any other feedback on the layout or other things you think you would find useful in this window we'd love to hear them.