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The Newbie Zone -

In case you don't visit there often, we've always got new faces popping up over in The Newbie Zone! Plenty of friendly newcomers are looking for advice, or just want to say hello! If you feel like being a part of the welcome wagon, stop by occasionally and say hi, too, or give some of your wise and worldly veteran advice.

Just for Fun -

This forum is a great place to have fun conversations. Check out recent or current polls and forum challenges. Start your own challenge or game. And for heaven's sake, help out ol' Tecdor, who's been posting silly conversation starters like mad!

The Library (Lore Discussion) -

Are you a book worm, or was the library always a dreaded destination for you? Either way, you should pop in to our library occasionally and contribute your knowledge of the world of Norrath, or learn something new!

And just so no one misses out on trivia...

Trivia #384 - posted by Morituus, winner of EverQuest Trivia #383