Ok, maybe it's not the 29th version of Mapfiend, but it feels like it.

New Stuff:

The map viewer can now be embedded on your forums / website. This is important for the new mymaps section when it is completed. My maps will allow you to create and save your own version of a map and share it with others. It will also allow you to save packs you have put together yourself from unique maps or maps already in the database.

Videos have been added and can be reached via the link at the top of the page or via the menu in the everquest block on the left.

Mobs: Mob data is now searchable.

The item database will be available soon.

I've been testing this version for a while so I hope everything works. If you find something that doesn't work or seems buggy, please reply to this post in the forums.

Oh.. and some accounts were lost in the transition. If you find your account is no longer working, please sign up again. Sorry about that.