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  1. Thxs

    Thankyou for the reply. This was a very big problem for me. I got lucky and managed to stumble acrossed the answer. Posted it in above thread.'I FIGURED IT OUT....' Feel free to delete this thread.
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    I Figured It Out Everyone!!!!

    Okay turns out the solution is painfully simple here it goes if you have reinstalled EQ and maps do not show DO NOT extract map files to:

    C:\Program Files\EverQuest\maps

    I know I did and it...
  3. Is anything being done about missing map problem?

    I am starting a new thread in attept to bring more attention to this problem. Though this problem seem to be happening to many people who use mapfiend. -'I deleted and reinstalled EQ to clear up some...
  4. Thread: Missing Maps

    by Solrath

    EXACT same thing has happen to me I deleted and...

    EXACT same thing has happen to me I deleted and reinstalled EQ a week ago and downloaded All maps pack and alot of maps just just don't show to narrow it down a bit for you basically all the maps...
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